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Cozy Home 6-Crystals | Housewarming, New Home Stones, & Home Protection | Aragonite, Smoky Quartz, Bronzite, Petrified Wood, Black Tourmaline, & Clear Quartz

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Our Cozy Home box set is the perfect combination of natural crystals & stones to set a calming & comfortable mood in the home! This set makes a great gift for you or a friend to set the intention of grounding, total harmony, & positivity!

Crystals are cherished companions for housewarming rituals, as they bring positive energies and blessings into new living spaces. Certain crystals are particularly suited for this purpose, assisting in creating a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere. Clear quartz is a versatile crystal known for its ability to amplify intentions and purify energies, making it an ideal choice for clearing and infusing positive vibes into a new home. Aragonite is often chosen to attract prosperity and a warm, inviting ambiance. Black tourmaline, a powerful protective stone, can help ward off negative energies and promote a sense of safety and security in the new space. By placing these crystals strategically throughout the home or incorporating them into a housewarming ritual, individuals can harness their energies to bless the space, enhance its energy flow, and create a sanctuary filled with positive vibrations and good intentions.

Aragonite is a fantastic earth healing & grounding stone that resonates strongly with mother earth. It centers physical energies, emitting a strong, calming, & balanced vibration for your home or office!

Smoky Quartz is one of the most efficient grounding & anchoring stones; at the same time, it raises vibrations during meditation. It assists in eliminating & detoxing negative energy of any kind. Smoky Quartz deletes fear, lifts depression, & brings a sense of calm & wholeness. It has a secure connection to Mother Earth, keeping you safe & protected. 

Bronzite brings peaceful and comforting vibrations; its protective and grounding properties bring peace of mind, soothing the soul, and comfort like a warm blanket. Bronzite also balances mind, body, and soul, harmonizing domestic relationships.

Petrified Wood resonates with the earth element. Imprinted within this fossil is an understanding of the past, historical cycles, and ancient wisdom. Petrified Wood promotes grounding, security, and well-being.

Black Tourmaline absorbs dense energy. It provides psychic protection from negative realities, gets rid of negative thoughts, & releases anger. It will help maintain balance, strength, and security if carried with you or placed in your environment.

Clear Quartz Point Crystals can clear and activate the energy centers. It stimulates positive thoughts & energy. A single Clear Quartz crystal, carried with you or placed in your environment, will help maintain balance, energy, and protection. Whether carried or placed somewhere, the force of the crystal stays attuned and connected.

Our 6-crystal Cozy Home Box Set Includes:

1 Aragonite Star Cluster

1 tumbled Smoky Quartz

1 tumbled Bronzite

1 natural Petrified Wood

1 natural Black Tourmaline

1 Clear Quartz point

This box set also includes a detailed information pamphlet. Unless otherwise specified, each crystal is approximately 1"-1.25" inch in diameter.

    Measurements are approximate and not exact.

    Every stone is unique. You will not be receiving the exact stones in the pictures. Given these gems are natural, earth-mined stones will have minor flaws & imperfections as well as variances in colors, size, shapes, and patterns. We do our best to show these imperfections in our images so you know what to expect when you place an order. Each intuitively selected stone has been through a very detailed quality inspection and is assured to meet your expectations!

    Crystal healing has been around since the beginning of recorded history. Healers all over the world use stones, crystals, & minerals in their practice. ***However, the information should not be taken as a medical diagnosis, treatment, or prescription. The use of crystal healing is purely metaphysical in nature. By using this site and associated materials, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your personal use or misuse of this information.

    Handcrafted with love, light, & positivity!

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