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Cosmic Oracle | Card Deck

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Whether you are a first-time pilgrim of the soul or already in tune with your psychic abilities, these ethereal cosmic cards will act as a channel for inspired spiritual insight and a powerful tool for transformation. activate your soul to the memory of its true creative potential with 36 visionary artworks containing healing messages for growth, clarity, and direction.

Working in unison with the spirit of mother earth, which invokes a universal energy that is sacred and ancient, the cards have been created with the highest energy: love. the visionary artworks and messages are a correlation between the lessons of the intuitive spirit guide and artist Nari Anastasia's journey.

She has channeled wisdom from the sages and teachers of our higher consciousness.

The cards will assist you in moving through this world with greater understanding and ease.

Trust in the spirit that works through these messages connecting you to your inner god/goddess.

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