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Tea Light Spell Candle Set | Love, Divination, Protection, & Cleansing | Crystal Infused | Herb Infused

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Unlock a world of magickal possibility with this Tea Light Spell Candle Set! Infused with crystals and herbs, this high-quality set comes with four candles to help you manifest Love, Divination, Protection, and Cleansing. 

Each tealights in this set have been created with a specific intention. Each herb & crystal has been chosen for its association with each intention.

Cleansing - quartz points, damiana, lavender and sage. Scented with lavender & sage. Protection - black tourmaline, yarrow, rosemary, and sage. Scented with dragon's blood. Divination - amethyst, yarrow, and holy basil. Scented with yarrow, amber & currants. Love - garnet, hibiscus, rose hips, and raspberry leaf. Scented with jasmine & raspberry.

*burn time 7-8 hours


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