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The Original Tarot Deck | Rider, Waite, & Smith Tarot Cards | Guide Book Included | Large Size Cards | Yoga, Meditation, Oracle, & Ritual Card Deck

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The Rider, Waite, and Smith Tarot deck has set the standard for hundreds of other tarot decks, which follow the archetypal images created by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909 under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite.

This edition includes Smith's original hand-drawn titles. A unique feature of the Rider Waite deck, and one of the principal reasons for its enduring popularity, is that all cards, including the Minor Arcana, depict full scenes with figures and symbols.

The innovative Minor Arcana and artist Pamela Colman Smith's ability to capture emotion and experience have made this Tarot deck a model for the designs of many tarot oracle decks.

The set comes with a colorful graphic guidebook detailed to help you explore the world of Tarot. This Tarot deck is designed for mystics and spiritual seekers.

Large Tarot Card Size: 2.75" x 4.72"

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